I would love to share some thoughts and sentiments with you. The power of Fascial Counterstrain is incredible!

Stephanie Krehbiel

“The changes I have experienced since working with Loretta and Counterstrain Techniques are nothing short of amazing. This last year I have suffered with severe breathing difficulties due to seasonal allergies, smoke and pollutant asthma which first began in 2017. After treatment I am more relaxed, refreshed and able to take full, deep breaths with ease. I use my inhaler much less often now and have more strength, energy and stamina. I have less pain and discomfort in my body even though I am doing more. I highly recommend this painless, powerful technique, I am grateful for the positive changes it has brought to my life. Thank you so much!”

Mindy Brown & Family

Loretta has been nothing short of a miracle worker for our family. She has treated me for years and helped me with vertigo issues that no one else had solved in over 25 years of trying. When I have occasional flareups, she is alway there to help me out whether it is getting me in for an appointment or talking to me on the phone. In addition to being one of the most caring individuals I have met, Loretta is a very dedicated therapist, she has a firm educational background. She continually takes classes, studies and works on ways to improve her skills. My husband also appreciates the benefits Counterstrain has had on his health and physical well being. Our biggest success story however, is with our 7 year old granddaughter. She was born with numerous health challenges and has been through multiple surgeries and hospitalizations. The work that Loretta has done with her has been heartwarming and the physical changes, and improvement have been very apparent to all of us. Our little girl thinks the world of Loretta and sums it up for all of us when she recently stated that, “When she grows up she wants to be like Loretta so she can make people feel better.”

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